Get to Know Zook Interiors

Zook Interiors was founded in 1991 as a drywall company. It was built on the back of a committed leader that wanted to make a difference in the commercial construction industry and serve customers with excellence.

This commitment to excellence allowed Zook Interiors to grow rapidly and build the company around the needs of customers & projects. By 2004, services expanded beyond drywall and into a full commercial division. The company has been taking on all commercial construction since 2009 and continues to grow while focusing on the core values.

We are a family-oriented business that cares about every person and every project. Our hardworking, systems-driven, innovative, and collaborative culture ensures everyone has a voice in the company, has a connection to the overall vision, and is personally motivated to strive for excellence.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Zook, our commitment to excellence extends to our customers, our work, and ourselves. Our core values of accountability, safety, progress, integrity, respect, and everyday balance allow us to “A.S.P.I.R.E.” towards excellence in everything we do. This values-in-action approach elevates our level of service to our customers, ensures we deliver high-quality work, and motivates our people to deliver their best every day.

This value-driven culture means we are committed to meeting and exceeding production schedules for all of our projects. At Zook Interiors, we are on time, every time. We also guarantee quality service and workmanship on every job we do. We use only quality products and assembly systems and offer drywall scrap recycling to cut down on environmental waste. Our installations are done by teams of trusted, well-trained professional technicians who are committed to doing the job right and delivering high-quality work.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is one of our core values exemplified by our hard-working state-certified safety committee who ensures that every job is a safe work environment for our employees. Our safety director is a CHST with OSHA 30 and OSHA 501 certifications. This commitment to safety has resulted in Zook maintaining one of the lowest EMR in the industry.